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Ybera Paris

We gathered our innovative DNA with the glamour and the experience of the French cosmetology to create high performance products; and from this fusion was born Ybera Paris; a brand that will supply the yearnings of the modern woman, which seeks real results.

Ybera Paris incorporates in its essence luxury, performance and results. These are cosmetics that go beyond beauty, turning dreams into reality. Our centered technology creational process made the brand a synonymous of innovation focused on the needs of the beauty professionals.

Ybera Paris, it´s recommended by the best professionals of the world. To innovate is to create with a purpose, to be unique!

Ybera Paris


To develop innovative solutions and with quality to the beauty professionals.


To be the main Brazilian cosmetic brand; that trough innovations, meets the beauty professionals´ necessities around the world.


Truth beyond everything; quality; innovation; focus in the results; care and valorization of the costumers; technical capacitation; socio-environmental and trustworthy responsibility.

Restricted Business


Estrategic Business

Luxury brand with Quality and Technology.