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For all hair types

products for 1L Products, also available in 120ml version.

1L Products, also available in 120ml version.

Fashion Stylist

The number 1 Brazilian Blowout in more than 40 countries

Ybera presents its newest collection: Fashion Stylist. Inspired in the catwalks. Now, the same result in four textures. The new Fashion contains Kerafive 22, an exclusive molecule developed by Ybera, which straightens the hair and preserves its 22 amino acids. Due to the Inca Oil, the Coconut oil and the Quinoa protein, this product promotes a more intense hair hydration.

  • Cream 1L: Original texture that promotes a high hydration to the strands.
    Gel Cream 1L: Easy application in bleached hair and dyed; and blends the yellowish of the hair strands.
    Shampoo 1L: Fast work without losing effectiveness.
    Mousse 250 ml: Concentrated, yields three times more and surpass in fast and easy application.




Formed by organic acids, amino acids and a super conditioning cationic complex, the Kerafive 22 has the power to promote a perfect smoothing, in addition it does act in the hair shaft: controlling the pH, nourishing, hydrating, donating glow, restoring the hair’s resistance and elasticity, protecting against the free radicals, filling the porosity of the damaged hairs, forming a hydrophobic film (protects the hair against the high temperatures) and does also protects the hair’s natural color.


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